Today, we are bringing to you the first version of the Bramblecloud platform:

  • start and stop fast cloud clusters with one click from the Bramblecloud dashboard
  • include spot instances
  • connect to your cluster via RStudio with one click
  • choose from 3 regions: Ireland, Oregon (USA), Singapore
  • keep control of your costs by stopping idle machines automatically

Go ahead, register for an account and try it out! A step-by-step description is available in the FAQ. There is no subscription fee, you only pay for the time your clusters are running.

We are working hard to add more features to our first release. For example, we’ll be adding the capability to attach data drives and to resize your clusters dynamically. Let us know if there’s a feature that’s important to you – we’re always here for you at And stay tuned on Twitter and by subscribing to our newsletter!