Our friends over at The NGS Hub have published their new website, which is supposed to become a global information point for everything about next generation sequencing. As NGS is one of those computationally intensive technologies that Bramblecloud can be of great help with, we think some cross-promotion is in order:

Their website intends to improve transparency on the next generation sequencing market and NGS based diagnostics with unbiased information about products, technologies, research and news. One major focus lies in the application of the NGS technology in the human diagnostics including cancer diagnostics, prenatal diagnostics and general molecular genetics diagnostics. The NGS Hub website contains different databases about NGS related meetings, publications, projects, webinars, workshops and funding organisations. Furthermore, the website introduces different software tools and a comprehensive list of bioinformatics service provider. And that’s where Bramblecloud comes in, proudly featuring as a cloud service provider for the Bioconductor package and all other heavy computational loads in Bioinformatics. Check it out: