Some promotion for the all new NGS Hub

Our friends over at The NGS Hub have published their new website, which is supposed to become a global information point for everything about next generation sequencing. As NGS is one of those computationally intensive technologies that Bramblecloud can be of great help with, we think some cross-promotion is in order:

Their website intends to improve transparency on the next generation sequencing […]

Responsive dashboard

We just rolled out an update to the Bramblecloud dashboard that makes it responsive. The status of starting and stopping machines is now updated automatically when the process is finished, which saves you from hitting the refresh button. We’ve been told that our dashboard is among the nicest and cleanest out there – and with this update it just became […]

Introducing small machines for cost-efficient clusters

Starting today, we give you a choice between two different types of machines: small and large. The new small instance type comes with just 2 CPUs and a small price tag at $0.40 per hour across all regions. It is most useful if you want to build clusters with spot instances: save costs by choosing a small instance as your […]

Data uploads

We have added a quick description on how to move data between your cluster and your machine. Find it in the FAQ.

We are live!

Today, we are bringing to you the first version of the Bramblecloud platform:

Go ahead, register for an account and try it out! A step-by-step description is available in the FAQ. There is no subscription fee, you only pay for the time your clusters are running.

We are working hard to add more features to our first release. For example, we’ll be […]

Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are out

You can find on our new Terms & Policies page. Both of them are quite long but easy to summarize: we’re keeping your data safe and protected. And there’s no hidden agenda: you only pay for what you actually use.