Lower prices

Good news for our customers: we decided to slash our prices for large instances, effective immediately! Our large US instance you can now get for $2.29 instead of $2.67. That’s a 14% reduction, and we’ve lowered our prices for the other regions’ large instances like that, too. This is for permanent instances, of course. As before, you can save even […]

Updated servers

R 3.1.1 has been released recently, so we’ve updated our machines. That also includes all the pre-installed machine learning packages. See the list of R-packages here.

Latest R and dplyr

We’ve updated our servers and are now running the latest R version 3.3.0 and the latest RStudio. Due to popular demand, we’ve also added dplyr to the list of packages that come right out of the box. See the full list of pre-installed R-packages here.

New ML packages on our instances

Our servers just became more useful for machine learning as we equipped them with some of the packages most popular on Kaggle. Among them are randomForest, neuralnet, xgboost as well as e1071 for SVMs and several clustering tasks. Now this makes your analysis workflow simple: set up the data on Github or Bitbucket, start your Bramblecloud cluster, clone your Git […]

Discount for students and researchers

So far, we’ve been pretty secretive about our discounts for scientists – no more! We believe in science, so we are granting all university-affiliated students and researchers 20% off all costs at Bramblecloud. That means you’re getting our small machines starting from 32 cents per hour!

If you are interested in the discount, please email us your short request at touch.base@bramblecloud.com. […]

Season’s Greetings

Happy Holidays to all our customers! We are open for business for everyone who needs to finish some heavy-load R computations before the new year. To everyone else we wish a great and peaceful time. See you in 2016!