Good news for our customers: we decided to slash our prices for large instances, effective immediately! Our large US instance you can now get for $2.29 instead of $2.67. That’s a 14% reduction, and we’ve lowered our prices for the other regions’ large instances like that, too. This is for permanent instances, of course. As before, you can save even more computing costs by using spot instances – you name the price!

And there’s more: we want to become more attractive to new customers, so we’re also extending our free trial to 6 full hours! That’s when you’re trying out Bramblecloud with one small instance, based on our new customer credit of $2.40 and the small instance price of $0.40. Of course, you can spend your credit any way you want, so you can also try out a cluster of 2 small instances for 3 free hours or get a large instance in the US for one hour without paying. Happy testing!