Starting today, we give you a choice between two different types of machines: small and large. The new small instance type comes with just 2 CPUs and a small price tag at $0.40 per hour across all regions. It is most useful if you want to build clusters with spot instances: save costs by choosing a small instance as your permanent base and add computational punch with lots of large spot instances at the price you name.

Also new: give Bramblecloud a try for free! We are giving all new customers $0.80 credit towards their first bill. Using a small instance type, this means you can test the Bramblecloud system 2 straight hours for free. And there’s no risk: if you don’t like it, you won’t pay anything.

We have received lots of feedback around cost-effective clusters in the cloud. With the new small instance type we address that, giving our customers a great deal of flexibility in running clusters that match their needs and budget. We are continuing our work on improving Bramblecloud, so your thoughts are highly appreciated!