Right now, brambleterminal comes with implementations for the functions that are also supported by the parallel package. We list them here, for help refer to the parallel documentation:

clusterCall(cl, fun, ...)
clusterApply(cl, x, fun, ...)
parApply(cl, X, MARGIN, FUN, ...)
parLapply(cl, x, fun, ...)
parRapply(cl, x, FUN, ...)
parCapply(cl, x, FUN, ...)
parSapply(cl, X, FUN, ..., simplify = TRUE, USE.NAMES = TRUE)
clusterExport(cl, varlist, envir = .GlobalEnv)
clusterSetRNGStream(cl, iseed = NULL)

Note: While clusterSetRNGStream sets the seeds of all workers, this will generally not lead to reproducible results as all parallel computations in the brambleterminal package use dynamic load balancing. This is done to integrate unreliable resources such as spots.